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Boost Your Pinterest Presence With AliDropship’s Pinterest Product Pack

By Eugene S.

cover there! What kind of social media do you use? Facebook, Instagram, maybe something else? What do you think about Pinterest? It’s one of the biggest social media platforms out there and it can serve a great purpose if you are an ecommerce seller or you aspire to become one. 

If you already use Pinterest in your marketing strategy, or you want to just be one of those aesthetic product sellers and want to enter this platform – keep reading this article, it’ll be useful for experienced business people and newbies alike.

What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is quite literally an online pinboard. Users pin images and videos on their boards, organize them in themes or interests. Some of which include DIY, fashion, interior, haute couture, and much more. Inspiration lives on Pinterest. You can share your pinboard with other Pinterest users and get inspiration from each other. Pinterest is the ultimate go-to place for all aesthetic lovers all over the world. Nothing else compares, and that is vital to keep in mind.

Who uses Pinterest?

Pinterest is mainly used by Gen Z (42% of all users) and they do a lot of shopping on Pinterest. Also, we can’t forget about Millennials and Gen X, who make up the majority of Pinterest users. 70% of Pinterest users are women, and 30% are men.

40% of users reached by Pinterest have income of more than $150k annually. Pinterest users are READY to pay and as an online business owner you can’t afford to overlook this platform. Of course, if you sell useful and/or aesthetically pleasing products. Car parts like exhaust pipes or valves probably won’t find success there because the platform is all about those VISUALS. Yet, a nice car vacuum cleaner which has a cool design can sell great.

80% of Pinterest users are on the platform to discover new brands and their products. People are on the search for high-quality, niche brands, which perfectly correlates to thoughtful consumer behavior of the 21st century. People these days would rather pay a small brand than give their money away to a corporation because they want to support their communities and people who put soul into their venture. And there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the next brand Pinterest users discover and love.

What are the hottest products on Pinterest? 

Ok, with everything mentioned above, you might have some idea about what products can be sold well on Pinterest. Our team at Sellvia has conducted a deep market research. Out of ALL the possible cute things you can think of, there are some niches that sell better than others. For example: home goods, electronics, fashion, health, pet products, baby products, vehicle care products, jewelry, wellness products.

We used that information and gathered a selection of 100 best-selling products to skyrocket your Pinterest presence in the Pinterest best-sellers pack. Let’s check some of the products!

Products from AliDropship’s Pinterest best-sellers pack 

Home goods

Silicone Kneading Dough Mat

dough mat

Retail price: $18.52
Your profit: $72.49
Your profit: $53.97

Retro Steampunk Rocket LED Night Light

rocket light

Retail price: $15.65
Your price: $51.80
Your profit: $36.15

Remote Control LED Wall Light


Your price: $7.98
Retail price: $45.49
Your profit: $37.51

9-in-1 Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set with LED Lights


Your price: $11.22
Retail price:  $48.80
Your profit: $37.58

10L Wall Mounted Hanging Trash Can with Lid


Your price: $9.80
Retail price: $46.49
Your profit: $36.69


MagSafe Ring Holder Kickstand Leather Phone Case


Your price: $5.07
Retail price: $30.65
Your profit: $25.58

RGB Speaker Subwoofer with HiFi Bass


Your price: $39.49
Retail price: $145.49
Your profit: $106.00

Adjustable 2-in-1 Retractable Phone & Tablet Mount


Your profit: $13.51
Retail price: $48.49
Your profit: $34.98

LED Clock USB Mini Fan with Real-Time Display


Your profit: $6.73
Retail price: $27.49
Your profit: $20.76

Smart USB Rechargeable Water Dispenser


Your profit: $20.12
Retail price: $58.49
Your profit: $38.37


Sparkly Rhinestone Evening Dress for Stage & Prom

Sparkly Rhinestone Evening Dress for Stage & Prom

Retail price: $81.12
Your price: $282.49
Your profit: $201.37

Backless Full Body Shaper


Your profit: $4.37
Retail price: $25.80
Your profit: $21.43

Mesmerizing Printed Maxi Dress


Your profit: $13.40
Retail price: $63.95
Your profit: $50.55

Love Heart Cuban Chain Stainless Steel Bracelet


Your profit: $1.72
Retail price: $16.49
Your profit: $14.77

Cozy Shark-Themed Cartoon Sleeping Bag Pajamas & Shawl


Your profit: $8.06
Retail price: $38.80
Your profit: $30.74


Ultimate Electric Face Roller V Massager for Youthful Radiance


Your price: $18.70
Retail price: $83.49
Your profit: $64.79

Wireless Dual-Purpose Mini Hair Straightener & Curler with Ionic Technology


Your profit: $71.37
Retail price: $267.99
Your profit: $196.62

Electric USB Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer


Your profit: $6.37
Retail price: $26.49
Your profit: $20.12

360° Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Roller


Your profit: $10.24
Retail price: $39.95
Your profit: $29.71

Smart Fitness EMS Muscle Stimulator


Your profit: $1.75
Retail price: $11.49
Your profit: $9.74

All of the products have sleek pages that are made to convert, thanks to informative descriptions and high-quality images. We included videos that will trigger impulsive purchases and grow your sales!

We fill up your store with products, you launch a promotion with ready-made videos, get views, visitors, and sales with no fuss, and Sellvia sends out the orders on your behalf. Get up to $196 of profit per sale with ease! The trendiest Pinterest products at your fingertips.

And if you don’t have an online store and just want to begin your own journey – get a turnkey ecommerce store from AliDropship which will be made according to your wishes and preferences. Top-tier design, easy interface, and converting products will be already added to your store’s catalog. Start selling from day 1!

Hesitant or anxious about marketing? Check out our Social Media Marketing service! Use it and get our team of marketers to elevate your social media presence without lifting a finger. No blind steps, no unnecessary risks. Let pros do the job and enjoy the flow of sales!

Whatever path you feel like going, rest assured that our team will be there for you 24/7. You’re never alone in your journey with AliDropship! Enjoy a seamless start of your online business with the help of our ecommerce ecosystem.

Ready to unlock the full potential of Pinterest for your online store? Start driving traffic and attracting customers with our proven strategies. Join thousands of successful entrepreneurs who are using Pinterest to grow their businesses. Don’t miss out — transform your online store with the power of Pinterest today!

By Eugene S.
An International Relations graduate, Eugene found his true calling in marketing and education. Equipped with extensive experience, he is here to create engaging and exciting content, making other people's lives better.

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