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From Nothing To $250 Million: Manny Khoshbin’s Wild Journey To Success

By Denis K.


Brace yourself, this isn’t your typical “born with a silver spoon” ecommerce success journey. Instead, imagine landing in a new country, no money, no fancy education, and not even speaking the language. Sounds tough, right? Yet Manny turned his tough start into a cool $250 million. Ready to dive into this epic journey? Let’s roll!

Manny’s bumpy start

Manny Khoshbin’s story starts during some tough times in Iran.

Picture this: he’s a young lad of 14, and there’s a big war going on. Bad news? Manny could’ve been made to join the army because of it.

So, his dad thought, “Let’s move to America for a safer life!”


Touchdown USA! But… things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

For starters, none of them spoke English. Just imagine trying to chat with folks and getting blank stares back! Manny ended up in English classes for two whole years. Plus, money was super tight.

Their “home sweet home” was a 1972 Datsun car, with six Khoshbins crammed inside.

Not exactly the American dream they had in mind, huh?


Manny’s rollercoaster ride to the top

Man, Manny had spirit! Even with all the odds stacked against him, he had a fire in his belly.

College? He gave it a shot for like, two weeks. But classrooms? Not Manny’s thing.

So he thought, “Let’s dive into the crazy business world!”


  • Taking baby steps

He started off simple: selling nuts door-to-door. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? But, whoops! Turns out, there are rules about selling food without health checks.

  • Bumps along the way

With a chunk of his savings – $20,000 to be precise – Manny teamed up with a buddy to run a gas station.

But that went south when it turned out to be a scam. The money? Gone! And let’s not forget, those were the days of the US-Iraq war. So, being an immigrant? That came with its own set of nasty challenges for Manny.

  • Turning the Page

But our man didn’t stop. He dived into the home loan scene, and boom! Made a cool $290,000 in his first year. At just 22!

He also kicked off a store, “79 Cents Plus”, which did great initially, but competitors later gave it a run for its money. And stocks? Manny was on it, raking in a sweet $700,000.

  • Finding himself in real estate

But let’s talk about where Manny really made waves: real estate.

It started with a shopping center and a couple of homes. Slowly, but surely, Manny was on his way to becoming the real estate kingpin. Closing crazy big deals and making it rain with a whopping $50 million profit from just one property.

Now that’s what I call hitting the jackpot!

Manny’s lessons for us all


Manny? He’s not just a rich dude with a cool story. He’s a walking, talking lesson in perseverance.

Think about it: a new country, new language, and a lot of roadblocks like being broke and dealing with some not-so-nice folks. But did he sulk? Nah. Manny took all that negativity and turned it into jet fuel for his dreams.

His curiosity was like his secret weapon. Always eager to learn, he’d dive into resources, always hungry for new knowledge, always wanting to be on top of his game.

Fast forward: Manny’s chilling with a cool $250 million, a boss-level real estate game, some seriously fancy cars, and fans all over social media. From sleeping in a car with his family to being a real estate rockstar, Manny’s story is a big ol’ shout-out to the magic that happens when you give it your all, no matter where you start.

If he can, why not you, right?

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Final Thoughts

Starting something new can be a bit scary, right? Especially if it’s an online business.

All those questions: “What if it doesn’t work?”, “What if I’m not techy enough?”, or “What if I’m not as savvy as Manny?”.

But here’s the thing: every big shot was once a small shot that kept shooting. Manny started with selling nuts and faced countless setbacks, but look where he’s at now.

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So, why hesitate?

Remember, every ecommerce success journey begins with that one tiny step. And with AliDropship by your side, that step might just be a leap towards your dreams. Let’s make Manny-level success stories together! Ready to jump in?

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.
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