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How Much Can I Sell My Business For: Alex Sold His Store With Flippa For $99K [Case Study]

By Denis K.

article cover how Alex sold his store

Sometimes it’s about finding a sweet spot in online selling, and sometimes, it’s about a killer exit. Take Alex, for example. He started small with his dropshipping gig, raking in a decent $4K every month. But guess what? He flipped that business for a jaw-dropping $99K on Flippa. Yep, you read that right! That’s like earning 25 months of profit all at once. But you might be wondering how much can I sell my business for? Stick around, and we’ll spill the beans!

“Alex, your dropshipping success story is crazy! But how did you actually get into ecommerce at all?”

“Hello! My name is Alex.

Honestly? Ecommerce wasn’t my thing. But you know those late-night YouTube binges, where one video leads to another? Yup, that’s where I stumbled upon these ecommerce pros making it big. And that’s where AliDropship popped up. Their deal? Super tempting. So, I thought, why not? And boom, my journey began.”

“So what were your initial steps?”

“Sure, the online world’s got some big names. But hey, if others can make it, why not me? With cool tools, I didn’t even have to sweat the small stuff like logistics. I got my store up, then bam, loading products was just a few clicks away.”

“How did you decide on your niche?”


“So, where did I land? I went for imitation jewelry and accessories. Why? Didn’t take ages to decide. It’s all about giving peeps a chance to shine without burning a hole in their pocket. Who doesn’t love a bit of bling on a budget, right?”

“Your business saw remarkable growth in just a few months. How did that happen?”

“I kicked things off in July 2016. But the real magic? That started in August. At first, I was pretty chill, not stressing too much about promotions.

Come September, though, I saw what this could become. By mid-October, I was all in. And thanks to some nifty tools, by October 20th, I was staring at a cool $6,000 revenue.”

“What got the people flooding in? What sparked those sales?”

“The plugin played a crucial role in the store managemen. It helped me drive people to my site, especially with social media links and all those online chit-chats. Now, remember, I was a total newbie to the social media game. With the help of extra services, I started getting crazy leads from my social pages.”

“We’re curious, what were some of your record-breaking sales achievements?”

“Biggest sales day? Gotta be close to $900. And for the week? A sweet $2,400.”

“Every new venture faces challenges. What issues did you face?”

“Yeah, there were some hiccups. Payment gateways gave me some sleepless nights. Techy stuff isn’t really my strong suit. But, with a bit of digging, I sorted it out.”

“From running successful stores to selling one on Flippa for an astonishing price – what’s the reason behind selling the store?”

“Here’s the twist. I never planned on selling. I mean, I was breezing, spending just a few hours a day and watching my store boom. The thought of bringing in help did cross my mind. But then, one day, I stumbled onto Flippa and…whoa. I saw what businesses like mine were going for.

So I’m torn, right? On one hand, I’ve got this cool biz that’s raking in cash. On the other, there’s this golden opportunity to make a mega profit and maybe try something new.

I listed my store on Flippa, thinking, ‘Let’s see where this goes.’ And boom! It sold for an insane $99,080! That’s 25 times my monthly revenue. Mind. Blown.”

Could this be your ecommerce story?


Ever felt like you’ve hit a wall with your business? Or life’s curveballs have you second-guessing your choices? No worries! Every effort you put into your business isn’t wasted. Have you ever thought about selling your online venture? If you’re on the fence, hop over to Flippa. You might be surprised at what your business could be worth.

But how about starting a business, getting it rolling, and then selling it off?

Starting a store with AliDropship: Ecommerce has never been easier


Ecommerce can be a wild ride, but the platform you hop on can seriously influence your journey. Here’s where aliexpress-na-russkom.rues into play – it’s not just a tool; think of it as your online business buddy.

  • Starting from Scratch? No Problem!

Starting a business usually means splashing some cash, right? Well, AliDropship flips the script by letting you kick off a store without digging into your pockets. Say goodbye to tedious templates and plugins and hello to a store filled with products that everyone’s talking about.

Got Your Back from Start to Finish

Feeling a bit lost setting up your online store? AliDropship’s got a crew of experts ready to guide you through the entire process. They’re here to ensure everything’s smooth from the get-go.

Style That Speaks Volumes

Good design is like a catchy tune — it sticks. AliDropship’s design team works hard to make sure your store doesn’t just work—it dazzles. From snazzy logos to eye-catching banners, everything’s tailored to give your brand a little sparkle.

  • Dreaming of Amazon? AliDropship’s Got the Goods

Targeting the top with Amazon? AliDropship’s custom Amazon package is your golden ticket:

Stress-Free Product Picks

Take a breather and let AliDropship curate the perfect product line-up. No more late-night product hunts, just trust the pros to do the work.

No Time Wasted

Ditch the product pondering and leap straight into the fun stuff like promotions. Make every moment work for you.

Always Got an Expert in Your Corner

You’ve got a dedicated manager watching your back. With expert advice and 24/7 tech support, your climb to the top is in good hands.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of how much you can sell your business for! The takeaway from Alex’s wild journey? Alex is proof that anyone, even total newbies, can nail ecommerce. It’s about the choices you make. Go for steady profit? Or a big win and a fresh start? With some grit, the right toolkit, and a sprinkle of guidance, you’re set. Get your custom store and kick off your business journey with flair! Dive into eccommerce, head held high.

By Denis K.
Denis is a copywriter at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business as a specialist in advertising, he explores the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketing industry and feels committed to sharing his findings with a wider reader’s audience.

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