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Conversion boost

Smart promo tools use the most effective marketing strategies to let no visitor leave your store empty-handed

Higher order value

A whole complex of irresistible offers appearing on your site will motivate customers to buy more products per purchase

Automated solutions

Your store triggers sales and grows your revenue on autopilot: once set up, the Bundle will convert your shoppers for years

2X higher conversion rate

2.5X higher order value

100% automated

Watch your sales grow exponentially – all with zero effort from your side

No more manual work or pondering the ways to earn more – just activate our promo tools and get your store’s performance improved automatically!

Escalating conversions

Make it impossible to leave your store with no purchase

  • Strong motivation

    Fear of missing out is the most powerful sales trigger ever invented. You’ll get a whole set of tools creating the sense of urgency and motivating to buy asap

  • Best presentation

    Purchase decisions are closely connected with product images. We’ll create a seamless and uplifting shopping experience free from loading issues

  • Re-engagement

    We’ll decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate by sending automatic emails with hot offers and coupons to get your shoppers back

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Order value growth

Motivate your shoppers to buy several items at a time

  • Upselling

    A special tool will motivate your customers to buy MORE right after successful order placement. This is how you make higher profits from every sale!

  • Cross-selling

    We’ll create catchy offers based on the individual taste and interests of every shopper. This way, you will double or triple your conversions

  • Hot deals

    Everybody LOVES discounts. So we’ll show customers that if they buy more products per purchase they will make a handsome saving

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Professional setup

Get all your promo tools adjusted by experts

  • Installation

    Have no IT experience? No worries! We’ll make sure that every tool is installed on your website properly and is ready for trouble-free work

  • Customization

    To help you get the best business results and increase your profit, we’ll adjust every tool according to your individual goals and preferences

  • Free support

    Contact us at any moment if you want some changes in your settings or have technical issues or any other questions concerning your promo tools

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All of the features you need:

  • Increased income

    With all the sales boosters integrated with your store, no visitor will be able to leave it unconverted!

  • TOP brand image

    After the power-up, your site will look attractive, vivid and trustworthy due to its exceptional functionality and offers.

  • Customer loyalty

    Your store will become an awesome shopping destination motivating people to come back again and again.

  • Individual approach

    Every tool will be set up and work according to your personal preferences: just let us know what your goals are.

  • Effortless operation

    Everything that can be automated will be automated: you save tons of time and generate profits with no hassle.

  • Professional help

    Our first-class support team will be happy to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to ask us every possible question.

Are you ready to maximize your profits?

Power up your store with smart promo tools and watch your conversions blast off!

Price: $399
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I currently use a whole range of add-ons. They have helped me increase my sales so far. I am able to utilize my time more in marketing or creating content since the rest is easily taken care of.

Mary from Keniya, residing in Finland

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I didn’t only buy AliDropship plugin – I also got Addon Bundle to help me with the business promotion. These solutions, I think, are key elements to my success.

Tony from Mexico

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With AliDropship’s guidance I have been able to learn things about the online business I never thought I could on my own. And my online store knowledge and growth expands everyday as I continue to thrive and succeed.

Arik from Canada

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In just 30 first days the results were awesome. I hit $28,000 in sales in the first month. After calculating everything and paying out sourcing charges and all, I got $14.5k in profits.

Kingpin from India

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May 30, 2023
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Your customer support is outstanding. It's the best I've experienced, with your prompt assistance and quick responses. I'm thrilled with the exceptional work you do. Keep up the great work, it's truly excellent. Thank you so much.
Christopher “CJ” Baker
May 2, 2023
* * * * *
I've found this company to be reputable and helpful with their support. Questions are answered promptly and expertly. 10/10 recommended. I'm building my store using this plug-in, pleased I did my research, excellent value!
Unio Enterprise
Mar.19, 2023
* * * * *
I would highly recommend AliDropship to anyone who needs a reliable dropshipping plugin with an efficient support team. Their dedication to providing excellent customer service is truly impressive, and I'm so grateful for all their help. Thank you again!
J. Wetzel
Feb.19, 2023
* * * * *
I have been working with AliDropship since January 2023. Everyone involved have been helpful and quick to respond. I recently worked with Nadezhda to set up my Social Rabbit Plug-in. She is a genius, in my book.
Jan.22, 2023
* * * * *
One of the best support I have had with Marina, she is professional and have a very good knowledge of what they sell, the themes and plugins are very helpful to resource products and also the new Alibaba Plugin, I will check it as I am going to purchase it soon.

Online entrepreneurs implementing automated marketing tools report a 2 times avg. conversion rate growth



What's the delivery time of the service?

It takes us 1-2 business days to get the Bundle up and running.

Will you install all these tools on my website?

Yes! We’ll make sure that every tool included in the Bundle is installed properly and is ready to work seamlessly.

Will you set the tools up?*

To help you get the best business results and increase your profit, we’ll adjust the tools perfectly, according to the highest ecommerce standards.

Will you help me if I need some technical support later?

Absolutely! Contact us at any time if you are experiencing technical difficulties or have any questions concerning your promo tools. All for free!

Can I buy some of these tools separately?

These promo tools have proved to be the most effective in this particular combination, so we offer them only as a bundle. Besides, the bundle is much more cost-effective, since the tools come with a great discount when bought together.

Do you guarantee sales?

We make your store’s full power-up – which increases the chance for sales significantly. But we can't control users' actions. So we can't promise sales - even though many stores we promoted with this service get great results.

What if I have some questions about the delivered service?

Feel free to contact our support team and get all of your possible questions answered. Please note that their working hours are Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (UTC+6).