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Summer Sales Success With Google Trends And AliDropship’s Expert Picks

By Roman P.

cover image Google Trends summer products

In the fast-moving retail world, it’s crucial to stay updated. Adapting your store to what’s trending, changes in the market, and what the public wants can determine your success. Fortunately, our experts can guide you on discovering top dropshipping products through Google Trends.

Why you need to adapt

Having the right products is important for increasing your sales. Providing what customers want makes them more likely to buy from you. Moreover, popular items typically bring in higher profits. This means you can make more money with each sale.

Keeping up with market trends ensures you’re ahead of the game. When you follow trends, you’re not just going along with the crowd; you’re leading it. This establishes your store as a prime destination for the latest products and services, attracting customers who want to stay trendy.

Let’s face it, businesses aim to make a profit, and adjusting to trends can greatly enhance your revenue. Customers are attracted to stores that offer what’s current and trendy, leading to more sales and, ultimately, more profits. Sure, change can seem intimidating, but with the right tools and approach, adapting to trends can be a simple process that brings significant rewards.

So, how can you stay updated on the latest trends? One of the easiest and most effective tools available is Google Trends.

google trends

This free service examines the popularity of popular search queries in Google Search. It provides instant insights into what consumers are searching for, indicating the demand trends as they change throughout the year. This helps you identify not only what’s currently trending but also what’s about to trend, giving you an edge in stocking up on products likely to sell quickly.

  • Recognize emerging trends: Discover what’s gaining momentum in your industry and start planning how to include these trends in your store.
  • Understand seasonal changes: Recognize when specific products or services are in high demand and adjust your inventory accordingly.
  • Monitor competitors: Keep an eye on what strategies are effective for others in your market and consider adopting similar approaches or finding untapped opportunities.

Adapting your store to trends isn’t just wise, it’s essential for staying competitive. With Google Trends, you can ensure your store remains relevant, appealing to customers, and profitable. Remember, change is constant in retail, and those who embrace it will succeed. So, begin exploring, adapting, and leading the way to success!

The true strength of Google Trends lies in its predictive capabilities for finding great products. By analyzing search data patterns, savvy dropshippers can anticipate upcoming trends before they become mainstream. This predictive power ensures that when a surprise summer hit product emerges, those who have done their homework will be ready to meet the demand. Finding quality products on Google Trends can be challenging, but fortunately, AliDropship’s experts have already done the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on making sales!

Best-selling summertime products for you to dropship

With the summer sun heralding cheerful times and increased spending, dropshippers worldwide are gearing up for the annual surge in consumer purchases. In the bustling realm of online selling, staying ahead isn’t just a strategy — it’s vital for survival. This is where Google Trends steps in, serving as a compass for dropshippers navigating the ever-evolving landscape of consumer interests.


Summer brings its own distinct consumer behaviors. From the latest beachwear to the trendiest gadgets for staying cool, trends can shift in an instant. Google Trends aids dropshippers in monitoring these seasonal changes, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. By analyzing search queries, dropshippers can discern which products are gaining traction and adjust their inventories accordingly.


Resin flower pot


Product cost: $10.05
Potential price at your store: $21.49
Profit per sale: $11.44


Summer is an ideal season for selling flower pots. With the warmer weather, people spend more time outside and seek to enhance their surroundings. Flower pots provide a budget-friendly option for achieving this, making them a lucrative product to offer during this time of year.

Seedling tray


Product cost: $18.71
Potential price at your store: $31.49
Profit per sale: $12.78


Seedling trays are perfect for summer sales. With gardening at its peak during this season, people seek efficient ways to begin their plants. Seedling trays offer a convenient and organized solution for germinating seeds, meeting the seasonal demand. Moreover, their reusable design appeals to environmentally aware consumers. Therefore, selling seedling trays during the summer can generate profitable returns.

Greenhouse cover


Product cost: $37.93
Potential price at your store: $52.00
Profit per sale: $14.07


With gardeners keen to prolong their growing season, these covers provide protection from excessive heat and pests while allowing sunlight to pass through. Their durability guarantees long-term usage, making them a smart investment for gardening enthusiasts. As summer temperatures climb, the demand for outdoor greenhouse covers increases, rendering them a lucrative product to offer for sale.

Camping griddle


Product cost: $29.77
Potential price at your store: $49.99
Profit per sale: $20.22


As demonstrated by the Google Trends graph, these products are highly profitable. Ideal for cooking hearty meals outdoors, these portable grills offer a convenient way to prepare delicious food while embracing nature. Their flat, spacious surface can accommodate multiple ingredients simultaneously, making them perfect for feeding a group of campers.

Watering can


Product cost: $12.09
Potential price at your store: $37.93
Profit per sale: $25.84


Watering cans are essential for summer gardening. They offer a convenient method for gardeners to hydrate their plants while minimizing water waste. Their ergonomic design simplifies watering tasks, appealing to both beginners and seasoned gardeners. With the summer gardening season in full swing, the demand for watering cans rises, creating a profitable opportunity for sellers.

Camping shovel


Product cost: $15.51
Potential price at your store: $32.99
Profit per sale: $17.48

Screenshot-2024-05-13-150933.jpgWhether you’re setting up camp or venturing into the wilderness, these compact tools offer versatility and convenience. From digging fire pits to clearing trails, camping shovels provide invaluable assistance in a variety of outdoor tasks. Their lightweight and portable design make them simple to pack and carry, meeting the needs of adventurous travelers.

Leaf blower


Product cost: $200.80
Potential price at your store: $359.99
Profit per sale: $159.19

Screenshot-2024-05-13-150829.jpg Leaf blowers are essential tools for summer yard maintenance, providing a fast and efficient solution that enables users to clear large areas in minimal time. Selling them during the summer season can result in substantial profits for retailers.

Camping lamp


Product cost: $62.38
Potential price at your store: $139.99
Profit per sale: $77.61

Screenshot-2024-05-13-150646.jpg Camping lamps are necessary for summer outdoor adventures. Their compact design makes them simple to carry and set up, improving the camping experience. Whether you’re cooking dinner or sharing stories around the campfire, camping lamps ensure activities can carry on after dark. Thus, selling camping lamps during the summer offers a profitable opportunity for your online store.

Gardening hoe


Product cost: $11.43
Potential price at your store: $35.99
Profit per sale: $24.56


Our gardening hoes provide a versatile solution for tasks such as weeding, cultivating, and loosening soil. Their sturdy construction and sharp blades ensure effective results with minimal effort.

Camping cooler


Product cost: $27.29
Potential price at your store: $59.99
Profit per sale: $32.7


Designed to keep food and beverages cold for extended periods, these portable bags ensure that campers can enjoy refreshments even in the heat. Their insulated interiors effectively preserve the freshness of perishable items, making them perfect for storing everything from sandwiches and fruits to chilled drinks and ice cream.

Start dropshipping summer best-selling products with AliDropship

AliDropship-screenshot banner summer season best sellers

Ready to dive into the summer season with excitement? AliDropship’s Summer products pack is your ultimate toolkit to ensure your store becomes the hottest destination of the season. From beach essentials to the latest summer fashion, we’ve curated a collection that will appeal to sun-seekers and trendsetters alike.

Don’t miss out on the wave of summer sales for your store. Take action now and infuse the vibrancy and excitement of summer into your shelves with AliDropship’s carefully selected Google Trends product offerings. Stock up today and watch your profits rise as high as the summer sun!

Explore AliDropship’s summer products pack and embark on a journey to a sensational summer of sales. The time to act is now — embrace the season, follow the trends, and above all, achieve success with AliDropship.

By Roman P.
Roman is a copywriter who works for AliDropship to help people start and grow their own online businesses. He loves writing about ecommerce and sharing his tips and tricks with aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. Roman has a degree in economics, which means he knows a lot about how the ecommerce industry works. Using his degree in economics, he writes informative content that inspires.

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