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AliExpress vs Sellvia: Which Is Best For Your Ecommerce Business?

By Yaroslav Nevsky

AliExpress vs Sellvia: comparing the ecommerce solutions for your online business

Your dropshipping supplier is responsible for a HUGE part of your business. Which products will you be selling? What shipping options will your customers be choosing from? Will your buyers be happy with the product quality, delivery time, and their overall purchasing experience? Lots of these factors depend on your supplier, so it’s vital to choose the best one! That’s why today, we’re reviewing AliExpress vs Sellvia: a potentially game-changing solution for your business.

We’ve always said that for online business owners, AliExpress is one of the best dropshipping suppliers for lots of reasons.

However, the ecommerce industry doesn’t stay still, and new options pop up on the market all the time.

Today, let’s review Sellvia, one of the latest innovations in the industry, and see how it compares to AliExpress!

What’s Sellvia?

Let’s begin with a quick introduction!

Sellvia is a complex 5-in-1 solution that includes:

  • A US-based Fulfillment Center

All the trendy and demanded products from the Sellvia catalog are kept in a Fulfillment Center in Irvine, California. They are ready to be collected, packed, and handed over to the delivery service in 1 business day after an order placement.

  • Fast US shipping

Since the products are in the United States already, they can be delivered to any destination within the country quickly and on time. Sellvia packages are shipped by USPS, which is why safe and quick package delivery across the USA is guaranteed.

  • Quality packaging

Before a product gets transferred to USPS, it is prepared for a long-distance delivery by the Sellvia team. It gets a neat packaging box with no labels or brochures that would indicate its origin. For dropshipping business owners, it’s always a bonus!

  • Dropshipping-friendly catalog

The Sellvia catalog contains hundreds of stylish product pages with high-quality pictures, clear titles, informative descriptions, and authentic buyer reviews. This means, dropshipping business owners can start promoting such products immediately after importing them to their stores, without taking any more time to edit the pages’ content.

  • Digital marketing materials

Apart from the product pages content itself, extra marketing campaigns are also a part of Sellvia offering. In the ready-to-use promo sets, there are the pre-tested texts and visuals for social media ads, and recommendations on these campaigns’ settings and targeting.

With such a diverse offering, how does Sellvia compare to AliExpress? Let’s take a closer look!

AliExpress vs Sellvia: the solutions comparison

AliExpress vs Sellvia: comparing the solutions for ecommerce

As you can see, in many ways, Sellvia offers a more competitive solution as it:

  • Secures fast US shipping with the delivery period comparable to the one of Amazon
  • Even with the shipping fee included, has lower product prices allowing you set higher profit margins
  • Ships all its products from one controlled Fulfillment Center located in the most ecommerce-friendly country
  • In case of negative customer experience, allows not only money refund, but also product return

But does it mean you must switch to Sellvia as your dropshipping supplier?

To answer this question, let’s go over the benefits of AliExpress and Sellvia separately to review their offering in more detail.

The benefits of Sellvia for your online business

Benefits of Sellvia as an online business supplier

So, here’s what Sellvia can offer as a supplier:

  • Ban-free business experience

Social media platforms, as well as payment providers, watch over businesses using them – and can limit their performance quite often.

Payment providers like Visa or MasterCard, for example, monitor businesses’ chargeback rate. If it’s higher than 1%, they can restrict your operations or access to money or even ban you! That’s why it’s so important to have as few refunds as possible and stay safe from their attention.

In turn, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram randomly ask users to review their recent shopping experience with online stores. And if your buyers leave negative reviews, your page (and what’s worse, even your ads account!) can get banned, too.

For these reasons, it’s a MUST to make your buyers satisfied! And considering that the things they’re typically least happy about are long delivery times and items’ poor quality, Sellvia offering can actually do a lot to improve your clients’ buying experience.

  • More repeat purchases

Enjoying faster shipping and high products’ quality, the customers of a Sellvia-powered store will be much more likely to come back later for more orders.

For business owners, this is a huge benefit, and here’s why. On average, it costs you 7 times less to attract such a customer again than to convert a new one! Working with repeat customers, you lower down your marketing expenses, create a special loyal ‘community’ around your brand, and get a clearer picture of your business future.

  • Products proven to be popular

The Sellvia’s product catalog consists of handpicked items with a proven profit potential and steady demand levels. There, you can find items from various categories and niches that users most commonly buy online.

These are the most dropshipping-friendly products, mostly aimed at triggering impulse purchases and having a real value for the buyer.

  • High-quality packaging

In order to let entrepreneurs dropship safely and support their desired brand image, the Sellvia team puts no identifiers on or into the product packages. As a result, a person buying something from a Sellvia-powered dropshipping store, receives a neat secure package with no labels, brochures, or inscriptions that would give away the products’ origin.

  • Strong marketing support

The product pages in the Sellvia catalog are dropshipping-friendly, too, as they are completely ready for promotion. With their same-style product photos and unique layouts inspired by the most successful industry players, they look expensive, professional, and trustworthy.

This means, after importing these pages to your store, you can start driving traffic to them right away! You won’t need to spend extra time to rewrite descriptions, edit pictures, or import genuine reviews for social proof: all these details are in place already!

What’s more, the pages also contain special shipping badges showing how long the delivery will take. Based on the site visitor’s location, the system automatically calculates the shipping time and shows it to the user, explaining that these terms are only valid for a limited time. Naturally, this element boosts store visitors’ trust and inspires them to take action quicker.

Now, when things are clear with Sellvia, let’s see what AliExpress has to offer!

The benefits of AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier

Benefits of AliExpress as an online business supplier

So, what makes AliExpress’ offering competitive in terms of dropshipping?

  • Worldwide shipping

Contrary to Sellvia which is mostly focused on the US market, AliExpress sellers can arrange delivery to almost any country in the world. This way, wherever your buyers live or whatever specific regional market you want to target, with AliExpess, you work with audiences from any destination on the globe.

  • Hundreds of thousands products

While Sellvia product catalog currently has thousands of items, AliExpress has millions of products to choose from. Even though they require in-depth evaluation and careful pages’ editing, you can still work with them!

It means you can create a niche store with a narrow, highly specific product range. For example, it can work great with stores dedicated to a specific hobby (like video blogging), lifestyle choice (like healthy sleep), interest (like space), or anything else.

AliExpress vs Sellvia: which is best for your business?

Let’s sum up the insights we’ve just discussed!


AliExpress vs Sellvia: how to choose the right solutions for your business

So, AliExpress still remains a great supplying choice for any classical dropshipping business that’s targeting customers all over the globe and lets them buy something very special.

And Sellvia is a winning alternative for online stores targeting the United States, one of the most promising markets for ecommerce, with hype items of daily use that see strong demand from diverse audiences.

Deciding between AliExpress vs Sellvia? The choice is clear! For a unique niche store targeting your local market or some foreign country (apart from the US), choose AliExpress as your dropshipping supplier. And for a store with a broader product range, aimed at selling mass consumer goods to the US citizens, you’re welcome to switch to Sellvia – and benefit from its short delivery time and dropshipping-friendly offering.

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of aliexpress-na-russkom.rumunity helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.
Ayodele 3 years ago

Can the sellvia be access using alidropship plugin?

Olga Lavrinovich 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
Sellvia is compatible with AliDropship plugin and can work on the stores powered by the plugin.

Favour 3 years ago

Can you use Sellvia to deliver products to your US customers?

Olga Lavrinovich 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
Yes, of course – if you’re selling products from the Sellvia catalog (and therefore, from the Sellvia Fulfillment Center).
In this case, the Sellvia team hands the package over to UPS/USPS, and these postal services arrange quick US delivery (1-3 business days).

Kan Cheng Pheng 3 years ago

Can you use sellvia on a shopify store?

Artyom Kopylov 2 years ago

Hi, thank you for the interest!
At the moment, Sellvia is not available for Shopify, but it’s coming soon.

Armel Jerode 2 years ago

Thanks for your article.
Can someone order ready custom store separately in Alidropship and Sellvia? Both propose to order a custom store

Artyom Kopylov 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your interest!
You can order a custom store on AliDropship and dropship from AliExpress – /start-new-business/
And order a custom store on Sellvia and dropship goods from its US-based fulfillment center over the United States –
Alternatively, you can order a custom store from AliDropship and, then, get Sellvia to dropship both from Sellvia and AliExpress. It’s up to you!

Rick 2 years ago

Existing I have Alidropship custom store with plugin selling jewelry, I’m a bit confused by this Selliva, can someone from Alidropship contact me and explain to me further?

Artyom Kopylov 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your interest!
If you have a custom store by AliDropship, this can’t prevent you from adding Sellvia Plugin to the same store. If you still have questions, feel free to move to this page to get a free consultation – /start-new-business/

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