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Countdown Timer Plugin For WordPress: Motivate Your Store Visitors To Buy NOW!

By Yaroslav Nevsky

AliDropship team introduces the newest add-on – a countdown timer that creates the sense of urgency and motivates your WordPress site visitors to take an action immediately.

People get distracted really easily.

In the nowadays world we are literally overwhelmed with information, especially in the digital sphere; this is why our attention span, honestly speaking, gets shorter and shorter each year.

For online store owners, it is the issue of the highest importance. Imagine your potential customer that browses your webstore, becomes interested in your product, looks it up carefully, and… loses the thrill because of an eternal distraction. The fortunate moment is gone, and there’s no guarantee that this visitor will eventually make this purchase from you.

This is why it is vitally important for you to create the sense of urgency in your store. It’s the exact communication trick we were previously talking about: your store visitor should have no time for hesitation!

There’s no doubt that you, as a dropshipping store owner, will greatly benefit from the newest AliDropship Countdown Timer. This add-on helps you create colorful and impressive notifications about special price offers that are only valid for a limited period of time.

How WordPress Countdown Timer works

Countdown Timer from AliDropship

Thanks to WordPress Countdown Timer add-on, you can create minimalistic yet alarming banners that notify viewers about a limited offer they can miss out!

These banners can be attached to the products and products group that are currently on sale. This way, your store visitors will see the real-time countdown to the end of the special offer, and to the end of product stock.

Seeing this banner and watching the rapidly changing numbers, your store visitors will quickly understand:

  • This store is trusted by many different people since the items get sold out fast
  • The items are highly demanded, and soon, there won’t be much left
  • There’s no sense in delaying the decision-making process and returning to the store later – by that time, there will be literally nothing to buy

In other words, this countdown timer plugin helps you create the so-much desired urgency that makes people more focused and determined to make a purchase. Knowing they don’t have much time to think, they are far more likely to take an action and make a deal before it’s too late.

Impulse buying and how Countdown Timer stimulates it

impulse buying Countdown Timer

Psychologists say that about 70% of the time people make decisions under the influence of factors that exclude logical thinking.

When desire fights against common sense and wins, the result is an impulse purchase. In this case, the decision to buy the goods is accepted instantly, without the participation of logic and an assessment of its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, to push the customer to some unplanned purchase in the online store, create conditions that shorten the time between the moment when he or she sees the product and the moment of payment. Create special atmosphere that encourages buying goods.

One of the strongest motivators to make impulse purchases is the fear of missing out on benefits. Various promotions, discounts and bonuses help to disable the common sense of some users.

The more emotions the customer has, the less logical thinking works. And these emotions should not be only positive – such feelings as anxiety and rush also work!

We know 4 main types of impulse purchase:

  1. Pure impulse buying – so-called escape purchase, very different from typical purchasing pattern
  2. Reminder impulse buying – you see a product or remember something reminding you that you need an item (btw, I need a phone case for my new mobile)
  3. Suggestion impulse buying – you see a product for the first time and imagine a need for it (oh, I need this shirt!)
  4. Planned impulse buying – you make a purchase based on price specials, coupons, etc. That is the very type of impulse purchase that WordPress Countdown Timer works for.

What is the ultimate benefit of Countdown Timer?

Countdown Timer Plugin

The key component of any dropshipping store that is the major driver of all the purchase decisions is… emotions!

Using basic human emotions the right way, you can significantly increase your store sales without any extra effort.

Our WordPress Countdown Timer was specifically created to inspire the necessary emotions: it forms the atmosphere of urgency in your store, and this motivates your guests to make the decision and take action as soon as possible!

The research conducted by Finder reveals that 64% of respondents make impulse purchases at least once a month.

What’s even more impressive, the statistics of Harvard Business School shows that 95% of purchase decisions are made unconsciously. It’s all about emotions, as you can see.

Don’t you want to dramatically increase the number of sales? Add countdown timer right now to your WordPress site and reap the lucrative rewards!

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of aliexpress-na-russkom.rumunity helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.
wallee Naym 6 years ago

Yaros is a very kind person. He helped me a lot. He is very active on the forum. But I think he is heading towards wrong direction. He shouldn’t charge monthly for these plugins.He can Increase the price as much as he wants but he should make it one time purchase. Just a suggestion from a Alidropship user which is the best plugin for wordpress.

Earl White 6 years ago

I have countdown timer installed called WOW countdowns is this the same thing.

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