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7 Major AliDropship Updates Of 2019

By Olga L.

7 Major AliDropship Updates Of 2019

AliDropship updates come in all shapes and sizes. Every day, we work on innovations that help you launch and run your very own profitable dropshipping businesses with ease. Let’s see the main updates we’ve introduced in 2019!

AliDropship Plugin updates


Checking out AliDropship plugin updates history, you can clearly see that there were dozens of enhancements, from minor optimization improvements to large-scale additions and upgrades.

But which of them were the 3 most impressive ones?

  • 7 new payment gateways integration

To convert more store visitors into buyers, it’s crucial to let them check out conveniently.

We want entrepreneurs all over the globe to accept their customers’ payments effortlessly. This is why we constantly broaden the range of payment gateways available to AliDropship plugin users.

So, if your dropshipping store uses AliDropship original plugin, you can now safely equip it with:

  • BlueSnap
  • Pagadito
  • Mondido
  • Ipay88
  • TAP
  • Paystack
  • Razorpay

Therefore, here’s the full list of payment gateways supported by AliDropship original plugin as of 2020.

And if your dropshipping store works on AliDropship Woo plugin, you can power it with any of these WooCommerce payment gateways.

  • AliDropship Google Chrome Extension update

Simply speaking, this free Google Chrome extension helps dropshipping business owners spend less time looking for awesome AliExpress products to resell.

This year, we’ve extended its functionality in order to let you and your fellow entrepreneurs:

  • Quickly find AliExpress products similar to the one you’re currently viewing
  • Instantly see detailed stats on the seller’s performance and reliability
  • View the product price dynamics to see if you can benefit from it
  • Look through the authentic product photos posted in buyers’ reviews

These striking features let you promptly decide whether you want to import this item to your store. Thanks to them, you will waste no time while browsing AliExpress in your hunt for the perfect dropshipping products. Read about the latest AliDropship Google Chrome Extension update here if you need more details!

  • Built-in products database

Speaking of product-related AliDropship updates, we certainly need to mention this incredible breakthrough, too.

This year, we integrated an impressive 50,000+ products database into our plugin. So, while staying within your admin area, you can easily:

  • Access this database of high-quality AliExpress items from reputable and trustworthy suppliers
  • View the adorable pre-edited product pages with thoughtfully made descriptions and image galleries
  • Import any of these items to your store without leaving your website or getting redirected to AliExpress
  • Get 50 first imports for FREE!

For a newcomer to dropshipping, it’s certainly a great way to create an appealing product offer with no hassle and extra costs. Besides, learning from the database product examples, it’s easy to see what’s the best way to make a purchase-stimulating product page.

AliDropship updates: Dropship Insights

best AliExpress stores

As you can see, the last year was all about providing our current and prospective clients with handy dropshipping information. For example, both AliDropship Google Chrome extension and built-in product database were designed to help our plugin users make well-informed importing decisions.

Seeing the practical value of these solutions and receiving positive customer feedback, we decided to go further – and built 3 more dropshipping databases with free access.

Bestsellers Insight

The first section of the major Dropship Insights database is Bestsellers Insight. As you can guess from its name, it’s more than just a selection of pre-edited AliExpress products 🙂

To create this Insight section, we used internal AliExpress data. This is how we determined the most purchased, highly demanded products that are likely to bring solid profits to resellers. Therefore, each product listing in this database contains more than just a catchy title, fancy description, and a colorful picture gallery. There, you will also find an in-depth analysis of the product’s features and authentic reviews, the suppliers’ info and shipping options, the potential profit from reselling the item, and more. Clearly, these are the details that every business owner would like to know before adding this or that item to their dropshipping store!

Top Suppliers

This section of the Dropship Insights database is also built with the help of genuine AliExpress data.

Browsing it, you can see top AliExpress suppliers with the largest amount of followers, learn how long they have been operating, and check out the niches they’re working in.

With over 640 suppliers from more than 150 niches, you can easily pick the most reliable business partners to cooperate with, and safely fill your store with the items from these trusted sellers.

Best Niches

Niche choice is often considered to be the most challenging stage of launching a dropshipping business.

To help entrepreneurs-to-be find their winning niches without carrying out an extensive market research, we’ve created the Best Niches Insight database.

Here, you can specify your broad area of interest, and see the list of niches and categories that suit you the most. Then, you can filter them out using several crucial criteria (demand dynamics, search volume, the amount and gender of Facebook users who might potentially be interested in the items, and the most promising target region). As a result, the system will show you a range of the most impressive dropshipping niches to take and benefit from.

AliDropship updates: 7 new themes

To make a profitable dropshipping store with a strong brand, it’s not enough to simply pick good products from demanded niches and trustworthy suppliers. It’s vital to demonstrate them in an appealing way to trigger impulse purchases. That’s exactly what AliDropship themes are for!

In 2019, our skilled developers and talented designers created 7 more mobile-friendly, customer-oriented themes to help you turn as many of your store visitors into loyal buyers as possible. Here they are!

New themes for AliDropship Original plugin

  • Dali

If you want to sell fashion items, fancy clothing, or any other stylish and glamorous products in your store, Dali is your best bet. This free theme lets you showcase your elegant items in detail and make your store visitors admire your offers.

  • Andy Warhol

Also simply known as Andy, this is one of the most purchase-oriented dropshipping store themes on the market. Every page here is filled with powerful (yet not annoying) triggers urging your store visitors to hit the ‘BUY NOW’ button without hesitation.

  • Rubens

Having a clean minimalist design, Rubens will fit any dropshipping store regardless of the items offered there. Best part? You can download this theme for free and enjoy the cutting-edge look that it will give your store.

  • El Greco

Allowing a great flexibility, El Greco theme lets you customize numerous aspects of its appearance and functionality. As a result, you get an unbeatable opportunity to effortlessly create the most favorable shopping experience for your clients.

  • Picasso

This very special theme, Picasso, was specifically designed for one-product dropshipping stores. Kindly read this article to learn how to manage this type of business successfully and how to use Picasso to achieve even greater financial results.

New themes for AliDropship Woo Plugin

  • Da Vinci 2.0 for WooCommerce

Based on a familiar Da Vinci template that has proven to be highly popular among buyers, Da Vinci 2.0 for WooCommerce is bound to succeed, too. If you’re a fan of WooCommerce, feel free to enjoy its potential and opportunities with this time-tested theme.

  • El Greco Woo

If you want to build trust with your store visitors, use the power of social proof through authentic buyers’ reviews, and flexibly use all the benefits of easy-to-customize WooCommerce stores, El Greco Woo is the perfect choice for you.

AliDropship custom stores innovations

profitable online sotre_andy theme

It goes without saying that AliDropship custom stores can now be created on the basis of any of these newly introduced themes.

However, it’s not the only upgrade this service received last year!

Now, when a completed custom store is handed over to you, it goes together with a special store management guide. It covers the most important aspects of owning and running a dropshipping store, and meets the needs of any newcomer needing a start-up business guidance. So, you can count on a smooth and clear start of your dropshipping journey!

AliDropship updates: established stores for sale


And what if you want to get your own fully functioning dropshipping store without waiting?

What if you’re looking for a riskless business that is already attracting customers and bringing money?

To make this dream come true, we’ve started putting on sale established stores: the websites created, set up, and having been promoted by AliDropship experts themselves.

Each of these stores goes with detailed performance stats. So, before making your business purchasing decision, you can view the data on the average monthly store traffic and profit, the amount of offered products, the number of social media followers, key target audience features, and many more!

Therefore, AliDropship established stores open up unprecedented dropshipping opportunities to the people planning to invest in an already profitable business.

AliDropship updates: 6 new add-ons


That’s right: last year, we introduced numerous simple and efficient solutions to enhance your dropshipping store performance. Have you already started using any of them?

  • Promo Banner

What’s the best way to instantly notify your store visitors about the current hot deals? Nothing can do this better than a colorful banner created and customized with this Promo Banner add-on.

  • Product Bundle

Not happy with the regular customers buying only 1 product at a time? Use Product Bundle add-on to create sets out of your items, offer them for a special price, and urge your store visitors to make larger-scale purchases.

  • Reviews Page

To make your store look more credible and to prove the previous customers’ satisfaction with their purchases, you can now use Reviews Page add-on. It collects all the authentic customer reviews about your store products, and puts them on a dedicated purchase-inspiring page.

  • Urgency

With Urgency add-on, you can show your store visitors a booming shopping activity taking place on your website. On-page data on the number of product views and purchases, trust badges, and countdown timer in the shopping cart are the elements motivating your clients to make their decisions quicker.

  • Google Merchant

To make a store known to a wide audience of internet users, entrepreneurs increasingly use Google Shopping service. Our Google Merchant add-on helps business owners automatically generate product listings that meet this service criteria.

  • SEO Image Optimizer

Your store ranking on Google largely depends on the website loading speed and the images’ properties. SEO Image Optimizer add-on makes sure your on-site pictures are adapted to search engines’ requirements, and helps your store get a higher Google position.

  • BONUS Package: Beginner’s Set

Wouldn’t you love to get 30% OFF handy solutions enhancing your store performance? Beginner’s Set lets you become a proud user of 6 efficient add-ons – Urgency, Product Bundle, Reviews Page, Promo Banner, SEO Image Optimizer, and My Suppliers – for $120 instead of $172!

AliDropship updates: 12 new services

Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post

It might seem surprising, but experienced entrepreneurs need professional assistance as much as newcomers do 🙂

Our ultimate goal is to provide expert help to any person dealing with dropshipping challenges of any kind. This is why we’re always excited to introduce new services aimed at simplifying core dropshipping tasks. Here are the newest arrivals of 2019!

Development services

  • Website Checkup

Whether you need a full-scale technical review of your store or simply want to check some separate performance aspects like orders placement and acceptance, Website Checkup service is exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Website Installation Bundle

WordPress site installation might seem complicated and even troubling to dropshipping beginners. Luckily, Website Installation bundle lets you forget about confusing technical issues and focus on business tasks that matter.

  • Domain Switching Bundle

Should you ever decide to transfer your store to another domain, consider Domain Switching Bundle as your helping hand. It covers vital technical steps of the domain switching process, from actual website transfer to creation and installation of branded on-site elements.

  • Email Subscription Form Integration

Would you like to get in touch with your current and prospective customers by means of email marketing? Email Subscription Form Integration service lets you start collecting your visitors’ addresses and prepare for the launch of your promo campaigns!

Marketing services

  • Lead Generation Pop-up Setup

Catchy and colorful pop-ups serve as an additional instrument to interact with your store visitors and urge them to share their emails with you. With Lead Generation Pop-up Setup service, you’ll get irresistible – and highly functional – pop-ups for your website.

  • Niche Research

Why spend hours of your precious time looking for a profitable dropshipping niche if you can safely delegate this task to us? Ordering Niche Research service, you get detailed insights into 3 promising niches suiting your personal interests.

  • Engaging Social Media Posts

Through social media, you can interact with your followers’ audience, share your business news, and of course, showcase your exciting products. Engaging Social Media Posts service was specifically developed to help you out with this task.

  • Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post

Need even more content to display all across the web? Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post service is designed to help you reach wider audience segments with an informative article and a striking ad with predefined settings.

  • Promo Services Bundle

This Promo Services Bundle includes social media accounts setup, a promo video creation, and design of a unique ad banner for your marketing campaign. What is more, this cost-efficient package lets you get your set of unique marketing elements with a 15% discount!

Isn’t that impressive? AliDropship updates of 2019 cover all the various spheres of creating, running, and promoting a successful dropshipping business. We hope you’ll benefit from these upgrades heavily, and expect 2020 to be the year of even more exciting innovations!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
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Please, consider our product importing packages /product-packages/ with pre-edited AliExpress items, and themes /themes/ giving your store a professional, purchase-stimulating appearance.

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