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7 Signs You’re Ready To Start High Ticket Dropshipping 

By Olga L.

7 Signs You’re Ready To Start High Ticket Dropshipping 

Is it true that high ticket dropshipping is a business model for everyone? And what does it mean, exactly? Let’s find it out together!

High ticket dropshipping – what is it?

You have probably seen articles and video tutorials with titles like “This is how you can benefit from a high ticket dropshipping store”, or with quite the opposite ones – “Here’s why you should never try high ticket dropshipping!”

And I’m quite sure it made you a bit confused. 🙂

What are these bloggers and dropshipping gurus talking about?

High ticket dropshipping means that you’re reselling costly items with the original seller’s price of $200+

So, there’s no real mystery behind this term. It simply means reselling expensive products. And there isn’t even a single opinion on these items’ initial price! Some people say they should cost more than $200. Others talk about at least $500. And someone even suggests the $1,000 mark…

In any case, you got it. It’s not your regular dropshipping store where you sell a $2 soap holder for $3.99 and make your profit from tiny yet buyer-friendly price markup. It’s a larger venture with posh products and a much, much higher potential profit margin!

High-ticket dropshipping products to sell can be found in such high ticket niches as fine jewelry, art, furniture, hi-tech consumer electronics, etc.

Earlier, we have already reviewed the case study of reselling expensive dropshipping items. Judging by the experience of the store owners we were talking about, high ticket dropshipping opens up really awesome opportunities for entrepreneurs. 😉 And if you’re curious to give it a try, let’s see what it takes to sell high ticket products in your online store!

Pros and cons of high ticket dropshipping: how is it different from the regular one?

a picture showing an example of high ticket items to sell

To begin with, we’ll take a look at the 3 major factors that come into play when you start offering high-priced products to your audience.

  • High ticket dropshipping: no impulse buying

Impulse buying, basically, is the core reason why dropshipping business model exists and thrives.

Ideally, it works like this: you look for adorable, unusual, or really helpful low-cost items, and add them to your website. Your store visitor gets excited and emotional about your products. He or she places the order with no second thought.

This strategy is perfect for regular ‘undemanding’ items that are easy to afford with any kind of budget. But what about the expensive ones? Let’s refer to YOUR first-hand experience.

What do you do when you need to buy a diamond pendant, or a treadmill, or a cupboard for your own personal use?

That’s right – you start researching. You want to find an item with the best value for money. And your approach is absolutely rational. It’s a large-scale investment of your hard-earned cash, and there’s no room for emotions!

This is why you don’t simply buy the first product you see just because of its beauty or uniqueness. You have a whole set of criteria in your head, and you look for an item that matches them all. And here’s what happens next…

  • High ticket dropshipping: harsh competition

Getting back to your personal experience, consider the following. What’s the first store that comes to mind when you think about buying furniture? Expensive jewelry? High performance laptops?…

I bet you’ve easily remembered well-established brands or stores that offer these high ticket items in your area or even worldwide. And here’s the deal: everybody else knows and trusts them, too!

So, your high ticket dropshipping business will have to compete with long performing enterprises that have a recognizable brand, a great reputation, and a steady position on the first page of Google search results. Besides, there is something else…

  • High ticket dropshipping: great expectations

What do people expect when they make purchases from ecommerce stores selling high ticket items? They count on getting much more than just a top quality product meeting their requirements.

Posh stores are traditionally associated with first-class customer support and availability of extra services. Therefore, buying from them, clients want to freely ask any questions about the high ticket products’ details or purchasing terms, easily get prompt and polite guidance from the support team, or even request a customized product with a more favorable shipping time.

And why wouldn’t they?

When it comes to rationally justified purchases, customers are only ready to spend a lot of money when they are 100% sure it’s totally worth it. So, naturally, they strongly believe that if there’s anything wrong with the shopping experience they get before or during the order placement, there’s no reason to complete this purchase at all.

So, basically, these are the 3 most important things you need to keep in mind if you want to try yourself in high ticket dropshipping.

  • It won’t be easy to trigger impulse purchases
  • You will compete with well-established, known, and reputable brands
  • Clients’ expectations from your high ticket products and customer service will be really high

Challenging? Yes. Impossible? Nope!

Actually, you can succeed in this tricky business area with a bit of practice, knowledge, and luck. 🙂 Here’s a handy checklist for you. Go through it and see if you’re ready to dropship expensive items!

Am I ready to start high ticket dropshipping? [Checklist]

a picture previewing a check list for high ticket dropshipping

#1 I have a 3+ years of experience in dropshipping

Well, this one is pretty obvious, right?

With an actual first-hand experience in dropshipping, you perfectly understand how this business works, and know all the managerial processes step by step.

This way, it’s quite easy for you to accept and transfer an incoming order, import new products, and launch an advertising campaign. Maybe, you’re even bored with the regular dropshipping routine. 🙂 It’s a clear sign that it’s time to take on a new challenge!

#2 In the last year, no more than 10% of orders from my store ended in refunds

In dropshipping, returns and refunds aren’t a big deal (especially if you’re working with low-cost items). But still, the best scenario is to have no refunds at all.

It’s not only about money, of course. If you have a low refund rate, it means you’re good at choosing products and selecting dropshipping suppliers. Plus, it proves your expertise in rendering a first-class customer service, and shows that you’re ready to up your game.

#3 I have at least $500 in savings

Why would that be necessary?

Well, it will be important for you to cut down the order processing time and speed up all the following actions. It’s necessary to improve the clients’ shopping experience.

It means that you’ll probably need to pay the supplier for the ordered products before you have the buyer’s money processed by the payment system. It’s not a common situation. Yet it may happen. And it’s vital to be ready for it.

Plus, you still might need to arrange refunds (ugh!) or to buy sample items for yourself to check their quality and the suppliers’ business practices. So it’s important to know well how to find a reliable high ticket supplier. And, in any of these cases, a spare fund is a must-have.

#4 I know how to create a business brand

You’ll have to compete with top-class industry players, remember?

What’s your experience of building a vibrant community of your store followers on social media? Do you understand how to make all the numerous elements – from your store name to its design – work together to create a winning image?

It takes time and patience to build a brand that speaks for itself. Yet as long as you have one, you’re unstoppable!

#5 I know what an optimized store means and how to make one

What kind of a website do you need to dropship high ticket products?

Surely, it must have a professional and trustworthy appearance, a convenient navigation, a user-friendly layout, the right set of payment gateways integrated, a proper loading speed… All these aspects are crucial if you want to motivate your store visitors to stay longer on the website and to convert them into buyers. And actually, we can help you with this. 🙂

#6 I know how to advertise a store on a pro level

Even if you have an absolutely stunning website with a unique and memorable brand, it might take you quite a lot of time to bring it to the first page of Google. It’s already taken by the industry giants, right?

So, most likely, you’ll need to look for other ways to make your store known and interesting to your target audience. Any ideas?

#7 I know what I’ll be selling online

If you want to launch a high ticket dropshipping store, you need to fill it with expensive high-quality products. They need to that have limited availability in other online and offline stores. Otherwise, what will be the client’s reason to order these high ticket items from you, and not from your long-standing and well-reputed competitor?

Did you agree with at least 5 statements from this checklist? Great! It means that you’re ready to try yourself in the new and fascinating area of high ticket dropshipping. And if you didn’t, don’t worry: you have huge growth opportunities, and we’ll be happy to show you how to master your dropshipping skills!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
vishakha 5 years ago

Awesome write up Olga, just love reading all your blogs. Great info!! All the Alidropship blogs are very helpful, and packed with knowledge.

Ramon Teodoro Eugenio 5 years ago


Max 5 years ago

Does it have anything to do with Alidropship plugin? High ticket is a whole new level.

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
Please, read these case studies of AliDropship plugin users who are successfully working with high ticket dropshipping /how-to-sell-expensive-products-in-dropshipping/

Adedayo 4 years ago

Okay so looking at number #3. Are you saying one doesn’t need a SPARE FUND to process payment before receiving the customer’s payment when running a low to miid level dropshipping store?

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
For a small/medium-scale business, the amount of these initial savings can be much smaller – $200-$250.

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